What it's like to visit KOXV...

You stop by OXV for a quick break and a handful of people happen to be there. You can’t help but be pleased that you are immediately considered to be part of the group. You also discover that it’s ok to walk into the shop to see what Dan or his guys are up to. In fact, it’s even ok to ask questions. Because “the more you know the better pilot you will be.” Let me introduce you to a couple of the people you may run into if people happen to be around.

See that friendly, unassuming guy who just mentioned what a great day it is to fly? His name is Kyle Shawver and if you thought he is just a normal guy, that’s because he sees it that way, too. But in fact, he’s also a CFII with every fixed-wing license you can have, including ATP. Kyle is the classic story of the kid who hung around the airport mowing the grass and hoping for flying lessons to becoming the guy who flies everything today from a powered parachute to a Falcon 900 jet. Which is why he was in London yesterday.

Kyle also gives BFRs and even dual instruction in his Super Cub float plane.

Here’s another. See that guy over there telling one fascinating story after another? You could easily lose track of time listening to him and would have to be here a long, long time before ever hearing the same story twice. His name is Paul Beck, and he’s a retired LA cop (which explains why he has so many awesome stories). But what you don’t know is that Paul isn’t just a great guy. He is also a CFI, both fixed wing and rotary, who knows stuff and has done stuff. In fact, do you remember the police helicopter you saw following O.J. during his famous slow-speed chase? Yeah, that was Paul. (Who doesn’t even think that’s his most noteworthy experience.)

Paul is also a great guy to ask to do a BFR.

Or maybe you will meet Dan’s dad, John, who helps out around the place sometimes. Who is also a pilot, but more importantly who always has time to give you a hand if you need it. Or his mom, Doris, an amazing person and better cook, who will invite you to lunch if you show up on a day she is doing lunch. You’ll be glad you stayed if you can. No pressure to stay if you can’t.
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