Aircraft Rental


PanelWhether you are training, traveling, or just want to enjoy the view from above, our Cessna 172 is the perfect VFR platform for the widest variety of rental needs. The aircraft is easy to fly and well-maintained by our A&P/IA owner, who regularly flies his own family in it as well. It has dual radio/nav units, a quick and simple audio control panel, comes with a four-place intercom, and has provided many pilots like yourself with countless hours of pure joy.

If you are current with all airplane single engine land and medical requirements and get checked out you are ready to expand your world.

With A Woodstock Pedigree, no extra charge.

A couple years ago Paul Berge, our CFII, was watching a special on Janis Joplin and saw a familiar tail number when Janis Joplin’s helicopter was landing for her Woodstock performance. That’s right, it was 1408Y, our very own Cessna 172, nicknamed “Lucy.” We later got a letter from an engineer in Illinois who had seen the same special and contacted us to let us know our airplane was in the documentary, at which point we were also able to confirm that the aircraft was once based out of upstate New York.

Janis and Lucy

Janis Joplin’s helicopter landing for her Woodstock performance. Yes, that aircraft in the foreground is 1408Y, the same C-172 you can now rent at Knoxville Aviation, although looking far more modern now.