Discovery/Sightseeing Flights


Have you thought about learning to fly and want to see what it’s all about? Or would it be fun to fly over your house or other sights in the area? Or perhaps you are looking for a gift that will always be appreciated and never forgotten.

Whether you want to take a discovery flight, take some photos unlike any others, or you want to give someone a memory that will last a lifetime, call Dan at 641-842-4423 or e-mail him at to get make arrangements or to buy a gift certificate.

What will it cost? That depends on what you want to do or if you want to fly the airplane yourself with a Certified Flight Instructor. Figure on spending $75 to take a 30-minute sightseeing/photography flight. Twice that if you want to fly the plane yourself with a flight instructor, something you will never forget. Which is less than I’ll bet you spent eating out last month, but infinitely more fun and memorable.