About Us

Dan and Larissa Knoxville Aviation is owned and operated by Dan Van Donselaar. This is Larissa Van Donselaar, Dan’s wife. Larissa owns and operates Dan. Larissa and Dan have two awesome daughters, Izzy and Ava. You might see any one of them at the airport on any given day. Or at least one of several mechanics and other people who work here.

Dan has worked at the Knoxville airport since 1998 and has owned and operated Knoxville Aviation since 2001. During that time many pretty awesome things have happened. Most credited to Dan. Like moving from a smaller shop building that was heated by a stove to a huge new modern hangar several people can work in at once and still have room for the Mercy helicopter that is based at the airport. Another of Dan’s accomplishments, which makes the entire community safer now that Mercy is here.

It seems like Knoxville Aviation has always been highly-regarded for providing intelligent, high-level fixed wing service. But in 2007, Dan stepped it up a notch when he became a Robinson-certified helicopter shop as well. Which Knoxville Aviation has now done long enough to learn certain tricks that make them nationally recognized today. With customers coming to Knoxville, Iowa from all over the country.

Knoxville Aviation is based in Knoxville. But it’s not unusual for one of our people to be working at a customer’s location clear across the state. Or the next state for that matter. (Yes, it costs more, but the customers who want that don’t mind a bit.)

One thing you can be certain of, Knoxville Aviation is always evolving, and always getting even better. So feel free to check this space often. And we hope to see you in person soon.