Rotary Service

Fixed Wing ServiceBusinesses and personal owners from literally all over the country bring their rotary-winged aircraft to Knoxville, Iowa because they want the high-level of experience and competence Knoxville Aviation delivers for rotary wing service of all kinds. Often after visiting closer, but less-experienced, local A&Ps.

We have learned from more than a decade of high-level helicopter experience where the sensitive and critical tolerances are, how working in one area can affect another area of helicopter operation, and how to give you a perfectly tuned rotary wing aircraft that will deliver the performance you need for your mission.

Many of our customers use their equipment for aerial spraying, so we also have special expertise in the equipment and performance needs for this service you won’t find elsewhere. Where time is money and narrow operating windows require reliable and efficient equipment.

Common Services:

50-Hour Inspections/Oil and Filter Service

100-Hour/Annual Inspections

300-Hour Service

500-Hour Service

2200-Hour Overhauls and Inspections

Track and Balance

Agricultural Systems with GPS Installations

Mobile Service and Repairs

Diagnostic Services and Repairs

Robinson Training Robinson Training