Fixed Wing Service

Fixed Wing Service

Knoxville Aviation is the service center of choice for your fixed wing aircraft. Including regular engine and airframe maintenance, inspections, repairs, upgrades, overhauls, or whatever you need to fly with confidence in your equipment and your safety.

At Knoxville Aviation we don’t take short-cuts on things that could possibly affect safety or long-term ownership goals. We also don’t encourage customers to do things that don’t need to be done, just so we can do them. We are sensitive to the things that matter most to you as an owner. Because we are also owners, so we approach your aircraft maintenance and service in the same way we approach our own. The aircraft we fly our own family in. With a focus on safety and intelligent choices from the owner’s perspective.

Common Services:

Oil Changes

100-Hour/Annual Inspections

Aircraft Modifications

Major Airframe Repairs

Engine Diagnostics and Repairs

Minor Avionics Installations and Repairs

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